No it was not free.

And if you are one of the yellow bleeding hearts, you might want to finish reading this before you march to Edsa.

First, let me tell you something about looking for the “right” apartment in this city. You have to put yourself out there with your best foot forward and let the universe root for you. Really root for you, or else you will find yourself on a never-ending search only to get lost in the process.


Ingon-ani ka seryoso sila ani diri. 


After a couple of weeks looking online and asking around for a place in this concrete jungle, I finally gave in and paid for a service to do the apartment searching for me. As much as I did not want to shell out more money for what I know would be an overpriced apartment, I simply do not have the time, much more the patience.


Dili diay lalim.


Hi Athens! I see you are a Filipina from your bracelet DU30 Haha. I have a room available in (insert neighborhood) on January 1st. It’s a suny room with big closet. The rent is $$$ and includes all The address is 700 W… and if you are interested contact me at 917-XX-XXXX or



Atik ni?


Apparently of all the profile pictures I could have uploaded on the service, I was not aware that I chose one were I was wearing the Gikan Sa Masa, Para sa Masa Duterte Baller. Although, dili na dapat ikatingala.  I have been constantly wearing that thing since Digong announced his candidacy, and a few times have given it to anyone who would ask.


Bikes lanes, those were the first things I noticed as I was looking for parking. It’s a sign! Honestly, when I decided to move out of my parents house I was not really sure what I would be getting myself into. But there was one thing I was certain, biking would be my preferred commute to work. I really did not have a checklist but it just presented itself as follows:

  • Pre-War corner building
  • A block away from a park
  • Less than a minute walk (in New York pace) to an express subway line


I brought my cousin with me to the showing since I know she pays attention to the fine details that I usually miss. We got buzzed in and walked 2 flights of stairs. Mao na dyud ni. The bedroom is bigger than I expected, it’s huge for a New York apartment! Seriously with my budget, I was prepared to live in a shoebox. There is natural light that comes in from the huge window facing east, hardwood floors that needed some polishing, a mini walk-in closet. Pwede, but the green painted wall that reminds of Ahfats just got to go.


“Gaw, kwaa na ni.”


After my cousin negotiated the terms of my rental to my future landlord, it was time to ask…


So how did you hear about Duterte? 


I was totally not expecting a Storyang-Digong, a term I defined as that moment you find yourself on an unending conversation about Mayor Duterte. He told me that he happened to be traveling around the Philippines during the campaign period and got curious with the man from Davao. The war on drugs, De Lima, Scarborough, Marcos Burial, Obama Cursing, and some more, pretty much the basics, he knows. For a foreigner to know something and show interest in our crazy politics, I was very impressed. I repeat, very impressed.


“I like DOO-TER-TEY, he keeps it real, but what do you think about him being friendly to China?”


Not everyday I get to be asked a geopolitical question while being a potential tenant and so I obliged. After all, kaya kaayo nako ni!


“He wants to create an independent foreign policy. A foreign policy of our own and not the US foreign policy. I trust his approach, it makes sense to start talking to China than just make assumptions.” Spoken like a true Duterte Ambassador.


Sold, just like that with a downpayment of course. So how did Digong get me an apartment in New York City?


Di pa ba klaro? Through destiny.